7 Days of Wagtail

A 7 day introduction guide to learning Wagtail CMS
How this course is setup


Day 1

We'll get a new Wagtail website installed and start editing the home page right away.

Day 2

We'll editing the Home Page and add custom fields to start making great use of a content management system. 

Day 3

We'll create a new Django app with a brand new Wagtail page type. Moving forward we'll use this page to learn new things and experiment with.

Day 4

Images are important to make a modern website. During day 4 we'll add a new image to our custom page and make use of Wagtail's built-in thumbnailing feature

Day 5

We'll create a standard Django model called Author and "enable" it as a Wagtail snippet. Then we'll allow our custom page to choose this Author in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

Day 6

A StreamField is how we can add custom content to a page and mix-and-match it so every page can be a little bit different. This is a core Wagtail principle we'll tackle during day 6 of 7 days of Wagtail

Day 7

The last thing we'll tackle are global site settings. And in day 7 we'll add a global Instagram link to the footer of ALL our web pages.

Course Summary

 Welcome to 7 Days of Wagtail:

Build a Wagtail CMS website this week using Wagtail CMS, Django and Python.

What is Wagtail?

Wagtail CMS is Pythons #1 most popular content management system. If you've heard of WordPress — it's like WordPress for the Python world, but better because it's made for web developers and your users can't "break" the website by installing their own features.
What you will learn:

In this course you're going to learn a lot, but it's not going to cover everything. For instance, we're not doing any frontend work whatsoever — I'm leaving that entirely in your hands to make your website look and feel the way you want it to.

Day 1. Installing Wagtail and Editing the Home Page
Day 2. Adding custom model fields to your Home Page
Day 3. Creating a new page type with a custom template
Day 4. How to add images to your pages with auto-thumbnailing
Day 5. How to create snippets and make them selectable on your page
Day 6. Adding StreamFields to your page
Day 7. Adding global site settings

How this course is setup:

7 Days of Wagtail is designed to take you, the brand new Wagtail CMS developer, from knowing nothing to being able to build a basic website.
Ideally, you'll progress through one module per day, and if you follow this structure you'll be able to show off your new Wagtail website next week!
But if you're a go-getter, you can binge-watch all the videos and finish this course in a day.


  1. I'm assuming you have Python installed on your computer. I'll be using Python 3.8 in this course.
    (There's an article-lesson with links to help you setup Python and Pip if you don't have these installed already.)
  2. I'm assuming you have Pip installed on your computer, too.
    (There's an article-lesson with links to help you setup Python and Pip if you don't have these installed already.)
You Should Know


If you've never worked with Wagtail CMS, this course is for you.
If you've used Django but you're looking for a better way to manage content, this course is for you.
If you've already taken the larger Wagtail for Beginners course, this course is not for you.

All in all, it's about 90 minutes long. But ideally you'll be coding along with me and that should take you at least a few more hours.

In total, you can assume this course will take between 5-10 hours over the next 7 days, starting today. 

Every day a new module will become available and I'll send you an email about it. I won't spam you, sell your information or anything like that — because nobody likes being treated that way on the internet.

Wagtail CMS is an open source and 100% free content management system. I like to provide free content to stay inline with how Wagtail operates. You may see this course listed on other sites for a fee but it's free here because this is my platform and I can provide a better experience here (for example, enabling one module per day). 

Who you'll be learning from


Kalob Taulien

Wagtail CMS Core Developer

I'm a Wagtail CMS Core Developer and part of the core development team. I largely take on the responsibility of educating new web developers around Wagtail CMS. I'm the author of LearnWagtail.com and the creator of all the content found at wagtail.io/course

Written by avgoustinos

Wagtail for Beginners Student

This is an excellent course [Wagtail for Beginners] for beginners. I am learning Wagtail following a step by step approach. Further, I have all my questions answered from Kalob even if I am on the other side of the Atlantic.

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